Friday, September 14, 2012

SHE RETURNS! for the third time...

Decided to revise this piece when it was chosen to be displayed for a contest I entered a year ago. Sadly I was so unhappy with how it turned out that I deleted it…(smart)
I later get an email asking for a High Resolution file and had to work on my old small file…

Really happy with how it turned out! (for now, haha)

heres the second revised version of it, im sure the original painting is somewhere in the inter webs!

Mistress of Death Version 2

We also had to write a small summery of the character design, and why not! I'll post it too!

"Once a medic in the field of battle, she witnessed a betrayal of great importance. Punished for what she had seen, her eyes were removed and she was left to die. When Death came for her, she conquered death and in turn he granted her new perception. In exchange she would have to serve him as his avatar in the field of battle. Thus she seeks the dying and delivers them to the realm of the dead"

yeah... haha! ENJOY!-Cheers!

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