Wednesday, November 7, 2012


These are my current work in progress. I have 3 more in line drawing right now hoping to get them done by next Wed! So I'm calling the powers of the mighty blog to help me out! FOR ASGARD!!!

Started painting this one yesterday, I'm not sure if I should make the elf a little larger and push the giant back or if it's okay how it is right now. The lighting is going to be dappled lighting so the giant is going to be lighten and pushed back a little more. The elf will also be hit with the light, I kinda indicated it a little in the underpainting but i'll be more noticeable in the end!

I've been working on this one for way to long!! The knight on the right has changed about 3-4 times since I started it. I'm liking this knight the most and I think I'm going to stick with it. He's not finished yet but hes mostly blocked in already. The main knight is pretty much 95% complete, I just need to add the wear and tear on his armor. The dragon's wings are going to be torn and have some of the light shinning though it to give it some noise. Also theres a tangent with the dragon's tail to the knight's helm, it'll be changed at the end :D

This one is a little rougher than the others. I kept battling myself with this one and caused me some trouble :( but pretty much it's a dragon fucking up a castle and blowing GREEN FYYAAA! everywhere! Hoping to get this one more developed by the end of tonight. I cant wait to add the specs and flares of the fire! those are always fun! haha

also, hes crushing a castle in his right hand, I didn't render it at all haha

So yea! give me feed back guys/gals!! I want to add these to my portfolio for CTN so it has to be A1!

Going to try and have my next one finalized tonight and start blocking it in tonight :D You'll see a lot of WIP from me this week! 


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