Friday, October 30, 2015

2 weeks of Inktober!

Hey everyone! Sorry about not posting last week, I got caught up on work and didn't have time to do my inktobers, but since I've gotten a pretty bad cold, I was able to catch up! 

Inktober is warping up tomorrow, I just wanted to reflect about what i've learned so far this past month. I've been staying away from digital painting and just painting in general. Ive been just inking this past month, unless I have to do something for work, but luckily its early phases and i'm just drawing and sketching. What i've learned is how important your mark making is, i've always stuck to drawing with the ink brush instead of almost painting wth the ink brush. Once I kind of established that, I got more comfortable with the ink brush. I would do a rough sketch of just shapes and then allow the brush pen to do its work. I want to carry that over with my painting and just allow the brush to be a brush instead of doing a super tight drawing and then simply paint/render. Now I need to learn to simplify and group up my darks and lights better. I can't wait to start painting again, I really do miss it but I think I needed time away and just go back to a traditional media to help me remember my roots. I have 2 more inktober drawings and I can't wait to start them, I'm planning for 2 larger pieces and i'll see if I can finish them up before the end of October. If not, i'll do some quick ink drawings and do the other 2 just for fun. I'm pumped up for next year's inktober! and I'm going to bring my try hard pants and hit it hard! 

Have a safe Halloween everyone! 

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