Friday, October 9, 2015

Blog Update/Change and Week 1 of Inktober!

Hey everyone! Just wanted to update everyone that still follows the blog. So I've been working a lot and dealing with some personal matters, which hasn't given me time to do studies and practices but since everything seems to be cooling down, I should be able to update more often (hopefully at least once a week). As for the blog, since most of the work I do is under NDA's, I want to change the blog into more of my practices/studies + a stage to soapbox. I'll occasionally post WIP's of personal illustrations/concepts but majority of the work i'll be posting will be studies, sketches, and Plein Air paintings.

So...SOAPBOX TIME! (my writing isn't stellar, so bare with me) I've been trying to revert back to learning the fundamentals of drawing and painting. Every time I get caught up in work, I always start to feel to lose conciousness of the fundamentals. I always try to make sure during the sketching/drawing phases I make sure the fundamentals are strong, but as I work I seems to lose the finesse of the fundamentals. I don't know if anyone else deals with this, but the only way for me to solve this issue is by literally practicing the fundamentals, which I try to do in my practices and warm ups. Yes, I know... its a broken record by now, the fundamentals are stressed strongly by every artist, but for some reason, I always feel like I have to revert back and relearn everything. Now to brush up and start rereading the Famous Artist Course!

Sorry to bore you all! 

Here are the ink drawings for the first week of Inkober 2015! I've been practicing with a brush pen to simplify details and isolate the darks and the light area, but as a creature of habit I move straight into to detailing the drawing. Theres been some success and some failures with the ink drawings but I'm still learning to control the burshpen. I'll attempt using a bush next week for the ink drawings and see what comes out from that. Let the learning begin!!!

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