Saturday, November 21, 2015

Avery and Zoom!

Hey all! Sorry I forgot to post yesterday, I was binge watching Jessica Jones on Netflix. (Great show by the way! It's a slow burn, but a GREAT BURN! I should be able to wrap up the season by the end of the weekend.) 
So from last week, I forgot to mention that I created my nephew invitation for his 3rd birthday. Normally my graphic designer cousin takes care of it, but she was busy with work; so my sister asked me if I could do it. The only thing she wanted was that it was going to be a firefighter theme party and since I've been looking at a lot of Leyendecker's work; I thought it would be a lot of fun to have his invitation look like The Sunday Evening Post!

I wasn't entirely trying to mimic Leyendecker, but tried to get like the essence of what maybe he would have done. It's is nowhere near his mastery, but it was a great exercise!
(I removed some of the text)

From last week's post, I finished the Zoom painting that I shared last week, as a response to the amazing episode of The Flash; I had to do some fan art! I saved some of the steps if any one was interested (though my process isn't anywhere interesting) 

The initial sketch

Value Study

I though the speed force was a little to distracting and caused the focal/contrast to be lost so I darkened it a bit to push it back a bit. 

Final Illustration

I hope everyone had a great week and weekend! Keep on drawing!
Here's a preview of next week's post. 

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