Friday, January 22, 2016

The one about the New Year

Hey everyone! How is everyone doing so far?! I'm so sorry about not posting for the past month or so, its been a pretty hectic past couple of weeks for me and my family. But I don't want to bore everyone with my life, so we'll jump into the ART stuffs!

During the month of December, I was asked by my friend, Patty Metoki if I would be interested in submitted an art piece for her 2001: A Space Odyssey show, ohHALno and of course I would want too! Since I first saw the movie, I was blown away by the beautiful cinematography! My approach for the piece that I wanted to submit, was a collage of key points that always stuck with me when I watched the film. I watched the movie again to get some inspiration flowing and I finally came up with a composition that I liked. Here is the sketch.

This was the sketch and I knew this wasn't all the ideas that I wanted to include, but it was the bulk of what I wanted. (My sketches are really weird, because I don't include everything and I sometimes to a spontaneous idea to pop up while i'm rendering/designing, but this is only when it's personal work and not professional work). I didn't log all the changes, but the final looks like this. 

The main ideas were still executed and I did know I wanted to add the crazy color spectrum scene. I wanted HAL to be in the original sketch, but I just didn't know where to put him without just throwing everything everywhere. Playing with some ideas, I finally though of the simple idea of adding him in the background and being part of the sun. The fetus was a problem I had from the beginning until towards the end of the piece. Everything felt so linear, especially with HAL being placed in the background. So I came up with the idea of just having the fetus being part of the earth so that it can echo the very last scene of the movie. I overall really enjoyed creating this illustration, theres some things I would totally want to change now that is out for the public to see, but again, I'm all about moving forward now. But I think I would have lesson the color spectrum part of the illustration because I think it kind of muddies up the background.

This an promotional piece that I did for At The Edge a couple of years ago but I was never really satisfied with the finished illustration and the band allowed me to do some changes and update it! So this is a WIP for the illustration. 


This was just a gouache painting that I did on Christmas day while my family and I were waiting to be called in for Dim Sum

Cheers to the New Year!

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