Friday, August 5, 2016

The One About the Update...

Hey Everyone! How's it going? Sorry about the lack of updates for the past couple of weeks, I'm still trying to tweak the schedule of post and see what is best for my schedule. It looks like once a month instead of twice a month, which before was, once a week might work the best for me. It's allow me to collect the work and maybe give a bigger update. We'll see how this goes! I'll try for twice a month, but for sure, once a month. 
Small update with me, I've been working on a couple of jobs in the past couple of months which has been keeping me busy. I try to sketch as much as I can when I'm home or out and about, but sometimes I just dive right into work (which is what has been happening) or the study doesn't work out (the gouache painting horrors!). But the work is wrapping up and hopefully I can pick up some jobs, but if not, i'll have some time to work on some personal paintings, which is something I've been hoping to do.
On the other side of the art life, I have registered for a class at Brainstorm school over in Burbank !!!! I'll be starting in about a month, if things go well, maybe I can update more often with the class projects and what I'm working on during the class, if anyone is interested. 
Other than that here is the stuff that i've been working on! 
Here are some sketches I've done over the pass month or so just when I'm out and about.
I was bored at work and found this awesome Japanese building (insert correct term) off of a magazine and wanted to do a sketch of it. 
This was done while I was waiting for my family to arrive at the restaurant (they were an hour late)
This was actually done yesterday, while I was waiting for Suicide Squad movie to start. I actually enjoyed the movie, I enjoyed it more than Batman V. Superman. The problems were clear with the movie, but overall, I had fun.

After watching Stranger Things, I knew I had to do some fan art for the show, because it was such a fantastic show, if you haven't seen it yet, its definitely a show you have to watch and binge!
Like the Lady Olena warm up practice, I did this over a course of a couple of days as a warm up before I start my client work for the day. 

and to end the update, here is an illustration that I worked on a couple of months back. It's part of the token collection that i've been working on A Hidden Fortress. This time, I got to work on the Zombie token for them. I had a lot of fun working on it, trying to link pervious token cards that i've worked on and creating a story out of it. 

I hope everyone has been great! I'll try to have an update soon, but if not, I will see you all in a month! Thanks for reading!

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